There will not be a $10.00 annual dues fee collected for July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 .  

The activities of the Local 98 Retirees Club are ongoing and notices are sent to retiree club members ONLY.  In order to participate in these activities you must be a member of the Local 98 Retirees Club.

Congratulations to Our Recently Retired!!
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Manuel Gomes

John Jaskula

Amos Merrill III

Arleigh Parker

Steven P. Rice

Richard Wickson

Michael Moynahan Robert Barrett, Jr.

Augusto Chelo

William Koslowski

Steven Luhrs

Jeffrey Taskey

Michael Hastings

Robert Vollinger

Allan Blanchard, Jr.

Dale Boglisch

Peter Lafogg

Michael Lafond

Gerry Spaulding

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Gary Pasquini

Stephen Will

Leslie Fifield

Daniel Frieri

David Welch

Wayne Devita

Peter Skorput