Did You Know?

It really doesn’t cost to be in a union – it pays.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the difference between union and non-union pay is $154 per week.  That is the difference of $8,008 per year!

Membership in the Operating Engineers, like membership in any other organization, comes with the obligation to pay periodic dues.  These dues are set by a vote of the membership.  The dues help pay for the costs of representing workers interests and collective bargaining.

Know your rights! It is against the law for an employer to…

  • Threaten you with discharge or punishment if you engage in union activity.
  • Threaten to shut down their business if workers form a union.
  • Prevent you from soliciting members during non-working hours.
  • Question you about union matters, union meetings, or union supporters.
  • Ask you how you or other workers intend to vote in an election.
  • Ask you whether you belong to a union or have signed up to join a union.
  • Transfer you to or assign you to a less desirable work assignment because of your union activity.
  • Threaten to terminate your benefits because you unionize.
  • Threaten that voting for a union will be retaliated against by a layoff or loss of job(s).

Why Join a Labor Union?

As a worker, you have a right under federal law to form a union, select representatives of your choice and bargain collectively with your employer. This helps balance the power that an employer has over his individual employees.

Belonging to a union gives you rights under law that you do not have as an individual. Once you have formed a union, your employer must bargain with you over your wages, hours and working conditions.

It’s Your Legal Right To:

  • Join a union of your choosing.
  • Attend a union meeting on your own time.
  • Talk to a union organizer.
  • Declare yourself a union supporter.
  • Assist in forming a union.

Check out what Local 98 can do for you!

  • Superior wages that are often considerably higher than those paid by non-union employers. See our most current rate sheet under the Agreements tab.
  • Full time representation. Business representatives have extensive backgrounds and experience working in their respective industries and are specially trained to represent you.
  • Aggressive contract negotiation, including preliminary research, salary and classification studies, in-depth analysis of prevailing wages and working conditions, and professional negotiations.
  • Representation in all grievances, contested disciplinary actions, layoffs, terminations and protests.
  • Local 98 is considered an industry leader.
  • First-rate legal counsel for filing briefs before personnel boards, arguing cases, taking legal action in courts, and all other necessary legalities to resolve your employment problems.
  • Political activism focused on enacting new laws and regulations to enhance the work picture and improve working conditions. Full-time legislative advocates at the state and national levels.
  • World class apprenticeship program that provides signatory employers with quality workers.
  • Quality training in many areas of job performance and continuing education opportunities.
  • Job opportunities available throughout Local 98’s jurisdiction of Vermont, Western New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts.