Health & Welfare News

If you have any life changing events, marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of a child, death of a dependent, please contact the Benefit Office as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to make sure your eligible dependents are covered on the plan. You have 35 days from the date of marriage, birth/adoption of a child to add them to your plan. In the case of a divorce, you must provide us with a copy of the judgement for divorce and the separation agreement as soon as possible, to verify the Benefit Office is providing benefits in accordance with your separation agreement. Any premiums and/or claims paid for by the Benefit Office that are not provided for in your separation agreement will be your personal responsibility.

As of January 1, 2023, we will no longer be providing calendar cards. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Benefit Office at (413)998-3230.

Please make sure to open all mail you receive from the Benefit Office, it contains important information regarding your benefits.

BCBS of Massachusetts has changed their mail in prescription drug provider effective January 1, 2023. Please click the link for additional information from Blue Cross Blue Shield regarding the change in benefit.

As a participant in the Health and Welfare Plan of the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local No. 98, you are covered by various benefit plans. These plans are designed to provide coverage for all eligible participants and their eligible dependents.

If you have any doubts about your eligibility or you question your coverage under the various plans, please contact us at (413)998-3230.

The benefit package currently includes: medical and prescription coverage with Blue Cross-Blue Shield, dental coverage with BCBS, optical benefits with EyeMed, a hearing aid benefit, a Non-Occupational Short-Term Disability Income Plan, Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage and reimbursement for Department of Transportation examinations.

I.U.O.E. Local 98 Health and Welfare Fund Privacy Notice